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CANCELLED: Guest lecture: Real-time Hybrid Testing

Unfortunately, we have to cancel this lecture. Dr. Ozgur Ozcelik, University of California San Diego.

2019.04.26 | Christos T. Georgakis

Date Tue 14 May
Time 10:00 11:00
Location Navitas, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, Aarhus C, room 03.068

Dr. Ozgur Ozcelik, University of California San Diego.

Real-time hybrid testing method is increasingly recognized as a powerful experimental technique used to investigate the behavior of structural systems that may be too large or complex to test in the laboratory.

In real-time hybrid testing, the most critical portion of a structure showing uncertain behavior (e.g. rate dependent, nonlinear) is experimentally tested (physical substructure) and the remainder portion exhibiting a behavior that can be numerically predicted (numerical substructure) with higher certainty is simultaneously analyzed numerically using a computational platform. Traditional hybrid testing (e.g. sub-structured pseudo-dynamic testing) is conducted at an expanded time scale, and uses higher-order numerical models, and is applied when rate-dependence does not exist or is insignificant in the physical structure. Whereas the real-time hybrid testing is a relatively newer experimental method, where all the coupling between the numerical and physical substructures happens in real-time. The real-time hybrid testing is sometimes the only option because the response of structures equipped with structural response modification devices (e.g. base isolators, MR dampers, etc.) is rate-dependent and therefore must be tested in real-time.

This presentation will focus on the challenges and implementation issues of performing real-time hybrid testing as well as a special subclass of it called smart shake table testing.

Dr. Ozgur Ozcelik received his B.S.E. (1999) and M.Sc. (2002) degrees from Dokuz Eylul University Izmir/Turkey and his Ph.D. (2008) from University of California San Diego, Department of Structural Engineering. Dr. Ozcelik was associate professor of structural engineering in Dokuz Eylul University until 2018. He joined the Structural Engineering Department at the University of California San Diego in 2018, where he currently serves as associate researcher as well as the executive director of the large outdoor shake table laboratory operated under the program of Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure.

To date he has published over 20 journal papers, two book chapters, and over 40 conference papers and proceedings. His main research areas are in experimental mechanics, earthquake engineering and structural health monitoring of civil engineering structures. He is a recipient of numerous research grants from governmental, private, and other integrative funding resources.

Light refreshments will be served.

For more details and questions please contact Christos T. Georgakis (cg@eng.au.dk)

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