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Engineering internship

The BSc Eng programme includes an internship of five months in a business enterprise.

The aim is to provide the students with a thorough understanding of the working conditions in the companies and of the market to which the companies produce and develop.

During the internship, the student works as an assistant engineer and uses the theory from the programme to solve practical engineering assignments.

A natural part in the daily life

The student takes part in the daily life in the company and performs a real piece of work. This could be a project chosen by the student, or a problem that the company would like to have solved.

During the internship, the student gains an insight into the reality they will meet after completion of the programme.

International opportunities

Part of the students chose to take the internship abroad - for instance in a foreign department of a Danish company. It is also possible for Danish companies to enter into an internship with a foreign engineering student.

Every year, ASE receives many talented and engaged students from all over the world who would like to experience how Danish companies work. And many companies really appreciate to have a breath of fresh air from the outside, a different academic approach to and know-how of the conditions on the market in the student’s home country.

Would you like to have an internship student?

If you would like to hear more about how to get an internship student in your company, please contact one of our internship coordinators. Contact Helle Elbæk Alfastsen at the Students’ Office to find the right person.

Internship coordinators

Civil and architectural engineering


Biological and Chemical engineering

Keld Lars Bak

Training Manager, associate professor