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ØkoEngineer: A web-based sustainability learning platform

The Department of Engineering, Aarhus University invites you to a presentation of ØkoEngineer: A web-based sustainability learning platform. Date: 25 September 2020, 14::00.

15.09.2020 | Serena Leka

Dato fre 25 sep
Tid 14:00 16:00
Sted Online

September is about celebrating all UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)!  It has been 5 years since the SDG summit in New York, USA where we defined our vision and commitment towards creating a sustainable future. Engineers will continue to have a crucial role in realizing the 2030 Agenda. Thus, every professional engineer needs to be educated on the basics of the SDGs and develop the skills needed to innovate engineering systems from a sustainability perspective. 

The Department of Engineering, Aarhus University (AU ENG) invites you to a presentation of ØkoEngineer: a web-based sustainability learning platform. With funding from the Aarhus University EDU-IT program and the Fonden for Entreprenørskab (Fond for Entrepreneurship), AU ENG and the game development company SetSnail have developed ØkoEngineer as an extensible gamified learning platform that educates students on sustainability and the SDGs via lecture-based learning and discovery-learning. The design of the platform is informed by research led by Asst. Prof. Devarajan Ramanujan from the Lifecycle Design and Manufacturing Group at AU ENG.  

Join us on the 25th of September, 14.00 CEST via a live webinar to get an inside peek into the ØkoEngineer platform. 

The first students (existing students at AU ENG) to sign up for the game and participate as Beta testers for ØkoEngineer, successfully achieving at least of the projects in the game, will receive a free software licenses as courtesy of our sponsors Onshape Education! More surprises will follow! J


Agenda of the day:

Start 02:00 -Official start

Welcome Note
Lars Ditlev Mørck Ottosen, Head of Department of Engineering, & Serena Leka, Project Manager at Business Relations and Partnership Unit (5 minuts)

"Research and education on sustainability at AU Engineering"
Devarajan Ramanujan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, AU ENG (10 minuts)

"ØkoEngineer: Game Demonstration"
Yana Vashchuk & Haitham Abu Ghaida, Student Assistants of ØkoEngineer Project. (10 minuts)

OnShape talk: "Examples on supporting engineering education at universities & offerings."
– Surprises for student players (10 minuts)

"Future projects in ØkoEngineer: Opportunities"
(5 minuts)

Refill your Coffee/Tea/Water – Break   (10 minuts)


2:50 pm we come back:

Panel discussion: "Strengthening the Ecosystem for Sustainability Education in Engineering." (20 minuts)

We will take Questions for the panel on an ongoing basis. The dialog will be facilitated by Lars & Serena

"Research on sustainability education at AU engineering: Needs and Future Goals"
Dr. Kamila Kunrath, Research Consultant AU ENG, & Rune Thostrup, Learning lab Consultant, AU (10 minuts)

"AU Vision in Sustainability: our new climate action"
Susanne Søes Hejlsvig, Program manager, Climate Initiative, Aarhus University  (5 minuts)

Closing remarks by Lars & Serena (5 minuts)

If you have any questions or comments, reach out to Serena (sela@eng.au.dk; +45 93509014)

See you soon and stay safe!

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