Sweet, bitter, dark, light? A perfect beer depends, of course, on preferences, but it always tastes of the particular corn, type of roasting and bitter substance and nothing else. In what is probably Denmark’s most advanced, high-technology microbrewery, scientists and students have developed what seems to be the formula for beer without any aftertaste. From left: Catharine Oestberg Christensen, Christian Dannesboe, Alberte Bundgaard Andersen and Chgeendran Sivanendiran. (PHOTO: Rasmus Rørbæk)
After six months of intense work, researchers and engineering students from Aarhus University are very close to revealing the formula for the perfect beer with out any aftertaste whatsoever. (PHOTO: Rasmus Rørbæk)

2013.08.21 | Education, Research, Public / media, School of Engineering Aarhus University, Department of Engineering

Searching the formula for the perfect beer

What actually matters to the pure taste of beer? Using technological hardware worth several hundred thousands, scientists and students set out on a hunt to find the formula for the absolutely perfect brew without any aftertaste.

How can waste water be used more efficiently in a sustainable manner? This is the challenge for 60 researchers who will cooperate across scientific disciplines during 24 hours and come up with new ideas for ways of handling waste water in the future.

2013.08.13 | Research, Events, Public / media

Researchers investigate waste water

During an intense innovation course of only 24 hours, 60 researchers from Aarhus University must come up with new technological solutions on how to utilise waste water resources in a sustainable way.