By means of electrical attraction, antibodies for cancer have been transported through the membrane of infected cells for the first time. The method may have an impact on the future medical treatment of a number of diseases. Two engineering students are behind this new lab finding. The photo shows Dennis Vestergaard Pedersen in the lab. Photo: Henrik Olsen. 
A cancer cell treated with medical antibodies or so-called immunotherapy.
The same cancer cell a few hours later. The antibody is marked with a luminescent green dye to clearly illustrate how it has settled in a bubble surrounded by membrane from where it seeps into the cell.

2013.04.09 | Research, Public / media, Department of Engineering, Nature and technology

Students discover method to kill cancer

A new lab finding may have an impact on the medical treatment of cancer. For the first time, antibodies have been transported through the cell membrane and this can kill even the most tough type of cancer. Two engineering students (MSc Eng) have discovered this method that might turn out to be ground-breaking.