Guest lecture: Smart Cells for Scalable Battery Packs

Sebastian Steinhorst, principal investigator at the Embedded Systems Group at TUM CREATE Ltd. in Singapore.

2015.10.14 | Jens Kargaard Madsen

Date Fri 30 Oct
Time 12:30 13:30
Location Room 408, Edison building, Finlandsgade 22, 8200 Aarhus N


With electric vehicles entering the mass market and stationary energy storages becoming relevant for energy grids with volatile renewable sources, the pace of their introduction depends on the progress of battery pack development. In this context, Battery Management Systems (BMSs) form the critical component from the electronics and software perspective, significantly influencing safety, efficiency and cost of packs. In contrast to the state of the art determined by centrally controlled BMSs, the Smart Cells introduced in this talk are fully decentralized autonomous systems at the cell level, which is the smallest level of granularity possible. Smart Cells combine each battery cell with a dedicated cell management unit and manage themselves individually. For pack-level functions, such as charge equalization between cells, the Smart Cells collaborate by coordinating actions via a communication interface. This novel embedded architecture enables maximum scalability, high efficiency and reduced cost, but poses challenges from the system design perspective. Consequently, for the design of Smart Cells, aspects of self-organizing software systems, communication security and hardware design have to be considered. For this purpose, design automation tools and frameworks for verification, simulation and security have been specifically developed for the Smart Cell architecture and are presented in this talk.

Lecture / talk