Knowledge exchange

Close collaboration with companies

ASE has a long tradition of working closely with the business community. 

We educate engineers who know of the companies’ working conditions and are able to contribute to a continuous production and development.

Here follows an overview of the possibilities for collaboration between companies and ASE.


As a company, it is possible to enter into a partnership with ASE, which provides a wide range of benefits. The partnership typically includes a professional collaboration on various development projects, dissemination of jobs in the company and an exposure of the company to the students through events, job fairs, professional presentations, the website and signs at the school.

Companies have the opportunity of being either strategic or corporate partner with ASE.


The BSc Eng programme includes an internship of five months in a business enterprise. During the internship, the student takes part in the daily life in the company and performs a real piece of work, which can be a project chosen by the student, or a problem that the company would like to have solved.

BA project

The engineering students use the last semester at the BSc Eng to carry out their BA project which often is conducted in collaboration with a company. Here, companies can submit proposals for topics for future BA projects. Perhaps a student has found a topic that may be relevant for your company?


At ASE we use a mentor programme to create a unique relation between students and engineers in the Eastern Jutland business community.

Laboratories and facilities

... and much more

It is also possible to cooperate with students regarding semester projects and to offer a summer school course in collaboration with ASE. Contact the person in charge of the actual study programme to discuss the possibilities for your company.