The vision of more and better engineers

ASE has an overall objective of educating more and better engineers for the business world and thus contribute to a stronger Danish economy. High-quality engineering programmes constitute a key prerequisite for a competitive trade and industry.


The big challenge is to cover the companies’ need for manpower in a labour market where the engineer shortage is waiting just around the corner. In the future, far more young people should choose an engineering programme degree, and it takes very special efforts regarding guidance, recruitment and quality in the study environment.


Another challenge is that the newly graduated engineers must match the global competition. They must be able to do something else and more than e.g. their Asian colleagues.  They must have a cut-throat qualification profile in accordance with the companies’ need for innovation and knowledge. The engineer’s role in the labour market is changing with the increasing complexity of assignments, new forms of organisation and outsourcing of production, and therefore one of ASE’s most important tasks is to continue being in the lead regarding the upgrading of educations.  

The graduates of ASE are attractive. More than 85 per cent find employment within the first year, despite the financial crisis and economic recession.  The unemployment among graduates is far below the national average.

The engineering field undergoes changes

The engineering field in Aarhus undergoes changes in the form of a heavy growth in the number of new students, a large-scale research initiative and a massive expansion of buildings.

A written strategy for the engineering field will be available here on this site during the spring.

You can find Aarhus University’s strategy, politics and development plan by following the link below.