Guest lecture: Adaptive Codes for Networking and Storage in Future Networks

Daniel E. Lucani, Associate Professor at the Department of Electronic Systems, University of Aalborg, Denmark.

15.12.2016 | Jens Kargaard Madsen

Dato tir 20 dec
Tid 13:00 14:00
Sted Room 120, building 5125, Finlandsgade 22, 8200 Aarhus N

Future communication networks will face tremendous challenges to manage the increasing data traffic generated by end users, the novel requirements of 5G communications that go beyond higher data rates, and by the 50 to 500 billion sensor and actuation devices to be connected with machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, upcoming services and applications may also impose very low delay constraints on the transferred data. This will naturally prevent us from using current client-server infrastructures or popular cloud services. The main reason is that servers and cloud infrastructure are typically far away from the end-devices themselves, which translates into high delay to reach them. Furthermore, the costs of transferring massive amounts data all the way through the network to reach a cloud are prohibitive with 50 to 500 billion connected devices due to the economic costs in infrastructure capable of servicing these high loads and the energy costs for transferring to and processing at the cloud. This talk discusses new approaches to address some of these challenges by using erasure codes for added reliability, efficiency, and flexibility. In particular, we discuss adaptive code constructions that are naturally compatible with highly heterogeneous devices (from IoT devices to high-end routers) as well as taking theoretical results to practice through the design of algorithms and protocols for networking and data storage. The talk provides a balance between fundamental results, practical implementation, and experimentation.

Daniel E. Lucani is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Systems, University of Aalborg, Denmark and the CEO and co-founder of Chocolate Cloud ApS, a start-up focused on developing and deploying distributed storage solutions using erasure codes. Dr. Lucani is a Senior Member of IEEE and he is the recipient of the IEEE ComSoc 2015 Outstanding Young Researcher Award for the EMEA region, Aalborg University’s Talent Management Award in 2016, and a Best Paper Award in ISWCS 2016. Dr. Lucani has authored over 130 Journal and Conference papers and 7 patents focused on network coding. His research interests lie in the general areas of communications and networks, network coding, information theory and their applications to communication networks and distributed storage, focusing on issues of robustness, reliability, delay, energy, and resource allocation. Dr. Lucani received his B.S.  (summa cum laude) and M.S. (with honors) degrees in Electronics Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela in 2005 and 2006, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010. He was the general co-chair of the Network Coding Applications and Protocols Workshop (NC-Pro 2011)  and was the general co-chair of the 2014 International Symposium on Network Coding. Dr. Lucani has also served as reviewer for high impact international journals and conferences, such as, the IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering.

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